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Welcome New Readers!

I am so excited to announce the launch of this new blog in January 2024.  What I intend to do is share what I have learned over the years with all of you…How to Pay for College Without Going Broke!

This blog will have articles for both parents of future college students, as well as the students themselves, looking for financial aid. I will be adding more content routinely week after week.

Whatever your financial situation is OR your college budget, wouldn’t you like to save tens of thousands of dollars per year if you could? I am going to show how you can send your child to colleges you never thought you could afford. The key is getting FREE money — financial aid — from the colleges themselves!

Let’s learn more…please read on and, once again, welcome!

Perry De Fontaine


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Perry De Fontaine

Perry De Fontaine is the founder and president of College Insights, Inc. (, a comprehensive planning firm that specializes in college planning—both financial and admissions.

Using a combination of proprietary academic, financial, and tax strategies that are customized to each family’s unique situation, College Insights, Inc. advises families how to plan and pay for college without going broke. These strategies can potentially save each family thousands—even tens of thousands—of dollars in college costs per year, per student.