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Perry DeFontaine

Perry De Fontaine is a CPA and the author of “Pay for College Without Going Broke”, an Amazon #1 best-seller, published in early 2024. It is a “one-of-a-kind” book that shows families how to pick the “right” schools for their children regardless of their financial situation. The book is a step-by-step guide of how to get tens of thousands per year in FREE money from the colleges themselves!

To supplement the “insights” provided in the book, Perry also launched a new blog in early 2024 called “Get College Financial Aid”. Perry routinely posts articles providing even more detailed information regarding college planning and financial aid. 

Perry is also the founder and president of College Insights, Inc. (www.College-Insights.com), a comprehensive planning firm that specializes in college planning—both financial and admissions. Using a combination of proprietary academic, financial, and tax strategies that are customized to each family’s unique situation, College Insights Inc. advises families how to plan and pay for college without going broke. These strategies can potentially save each family thousands—even tens of thousands—of dollars in college costs per year, per student.

In addition to counseling hundreds of families regarding college planning, Perry has conducted numerous seminars for high schools, corporations, and other organizations. He has also been on TV and talk radio, and been quoted in national financial magazines (e.g., Financial Advisor) regarding college planning.

Perry has over forty years’ experience in the financial services industry. Prior to creating College Insights, Inc. in 2001, he was a principal consultant and senior vice president at Willis, the world’s third-largest risk management consulting and insurance brokerage firm, and a senior manager at Coopers & Lybrand, directing consulting and audit engagements. Additionally, Perry was a vice president analyzing global financial services companies at Moody’s Investors Service and an investment banking senior associate at Salomon Smith Barney, helping clients raise capital and providing mergers and acquisitions advice. He also created and successfully launched the global debt rating service at A.M. Best, the preeminent insurance rating organization. Perry began his career at Continental Corporation, a $10 billion financial services company, where he managed corporate accounting and operations departments and led various complex project teams and task forces.

Perry is passionate about guiding and enabling parents to fund their children’s education without risking their own financial stability and future.

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