Perry’s New Book is Amazon #1 Best Seller!

2024.02.11 - Amazon #1 Bestseller

Wow! My new book, “Pay for College Without Going Broke!” was launched this week on Amazon and became a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 2 categories (“College and University Financial Aid” and “College Guides”), #2 Amazon Best Seller in another category (“Education Funding”), and was also the #1 and #2 Amazon Hot New Releases (one […]

Perry’s New Book Has Arrived!

I am so excited to get my book in my hands at last! Look what just arrived in the mail…my new book, “Pay for College Without Going Broke!” This is a pic of me opening the box: It is set to launch on Amazon on February 6, 2024! Both a Kindle version and a Paperback […]

Perry’s New Book is On the Way!

Pay for College Without Going Broke! I am SO excited to announce that I have written my first book titled, “Pay for College Without Going Broke!” The sub-title is, “Fund Your Child’s Education By Unlocking FREE Money!” It is set to launch on Amazon on February 6, 2024. From the book cover: “The book unlocks […]

Our “Ideal Approach” — Find the “Right” Colleges Unique to You!


Did you know there is a right college for every student at an affordable price? The 40,000-foot view How can you pay college fees without going broke? The solution is what I call “my ideal approach.” Have you ever looked at Google Earth, starting in space before drilling down until you can see your backyard? […]

Getting FREE Money from the Colleges Themselves!


Other People’s Money Vs Your Money Did you know there is FREE money available to help you pay for college? Common sense example Let me provide a little more general information before we dive in. First off, what I would like to do is give you what I call a “common sense example” of how […]

This Crazy Thing Called FAFSA Simplification!


The Department of Education recently implemented sweeping new changes to the FAFSA form and the related Federal Methodology SAI calculation, which they are calling “FAFSA Simplification.” These are the biggest changes I have seen in my more than twenty years of college planning experience—in my opinion, these changes are not “simplification”; instead, they will result […]