Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!


IF you are a high school Senior planning on going to college this Fall, you should be focusing on doing this RIGHT NOW! Can you imagine getting EVEN MORE FREE $$$ by simply asking? As per my new #1 Amazon best-seller book, “Pay for College Without Going Broke”: “The negotiation process is an often overlooked […]

You Have To Ask For The Money (By Completing the FAFSA, and More!)


Did you know every school has a different financial aid process? Going through the process To access this free college money, you must ask for it. That means completing those nasty financial aid forms, like the FAFSA, CSS Profile, institutional forms, verification, and more. Remember, colleges are the gatekeepers of 90%+ of all the financial […]

This Crazy Thing Called FAFSA Simplification!


The Department of Education recently implemented sweeping new changes to the FAFSA form and the related Federal Methodology SAI calculation, which they are calling “FAFSA Simplification.” These are the biggest changes I have seen in my more than twenty years of college planning experience—in my opinion, these changes are not “simplification”; instead, they will result […]